10 Top Inbound Marketing Trends for 2020

Marketing strategies adapt to the market continuously. Inbound Marketing is no stranger to market changes and trends. Therefore, the Inbound Marketing strategies for 2020 will be different from those that have prevailed in previous years. Although many of them have already been outlined previously.

There are many factors that favor these changes. The continuous technological development of different devices is one of them. The emergence of different user profiles will also significantly influence this new market scenario. In fact, the arrival of new generations with new needs will greatly influence the next changes.

It is not just about a new stage but the logical evolution of recent years. Your target audience has evolved and, with it, their needs have changed. This phenomenon has a result in your business. Users will demand other benefits of your product or service. This will force you to consider the use of new Inbound Marketing strategies for 2020 and the following years.

Next, we want to introduce you to the 10 Inbound Marketing Trends for 2020 that will help you to provide relevant information of interest to the user and in that way, becomes a potential customer.

1.- Landing Pages

The trend is clear. With the new Inbound Marketing, it is intended to eliminate all the accessories to arrive on the fastest way to have led to customer’s conversion.

In this sense, landing pages will also receive another different treatment. When you create your landing page, you must do an empathy exercise with the user. It is no longer useful to create a multitude of landing pages that only change one sentence.

A user does not reach a page to enter your database by filling out a form. The purpose of the visitor who goes to one of your landing pages is to learn something. Or find the solution to a need. Therefore, a well-worked landing page will be key in Inbound Marketing strategies for 2020.


2.- FlyWheel: Customers are at the Center

The Flywheel is called to become the new paradigm of inbound marketing. The transition from the sales funnel to the conversion cycle will constitute a revolution in the client’s role in marketing, and this revolution merits that it is one of the digital marketing trends for 2020 that you can take advantage of to take the lead. The conversion cycle increases the role of the client in the growth of your brand and in its ability to appear in different social media.

Attracting, interacting and delighting are its 3 constitutive stages, and all aim to engage the client to recommend the product to others and they become potential customers and communicators of the brand and the experiences it offers. The consumer is the center of the Flywheel and who generates the energy of the conversion cycle.


3.- Testing A/B in SEO

The A / B tests are very important and can be carried out with Google Optimize as part of Inbound Marketing for 2020 because it will help you to greatly improve the CRO and UX of your website.

Not only will you improve key aspects of your website such as the conversion rate (CRO) and the user experience (UX) but you can also do it for free thanks to the A / B test tool offered by Google, more known as Google Optimize.

Testing A/B in SEO is another trend for 2020 because it will help you to support the tastes and preferences of your users with data when buying and interacting with your website.

  What are the aspects that you can measure thanks to the famous A / B test?

  What is the perfect location of your buy button in order to increase your   online sales.

  Where to place your contact forms to improve the lead acquisition rate.

  Optimize your navigation menu so that your users do not get lost on your website.

  See if your users are really interested in the testimonials or reviews  of your products or services.

  Know and improve Landing Pages until you improve your conversion

  Know which is the web design that best suits the tastes of your target audience.

  Know if the sidebar of your website hinders user navigation or not.

  Know if the purchases of your target audience really are based on  urgency or not.

  Know if a price is too high and for this reason, your potential customer does not buy.


4.- Invest in Facebook Ads and Instagram for Business

The advertising platform of Facebook Ads and Instagram Ads, has more than six million advertisers, a figure that continues to grow. It is an increasingly demanded service to marketing consultants and community managers.

Social media such as Facebook and Instagram are one of the tools that allow us to obtain leads personal data at a low cost per registration and directing our ads to the appropriate audience segmentation. Due to their great reach and growth, we are facing one of the best digital marketing strategies for this 2020.

But, why should you invest in Facebook Ads and Instagram in 2020?

1.- It is an easy and simple way to obtain the data of your ideal client.

2.- You can filter the leads depending on the answers obtained or even separate them by interests.

3.- The completion of data is performed on the same platform, which reduces the percentage of abandonment during the process.

4.- Downloading data is very simple, being able to do it from the advertising account, Facebook page or by connecting it with an automated tool.

5.- A useful format both to obtain subscribers to your community, request information, offer a lead magnet or register for an event.




5.- Video Marketing

When we talk about Inbound Marketing, the use of video is one of the main stars and will continue to be in this 2020 because the majority of companies rely on video marketing as the main digital strategy. On the other hand, it is known that the video attracts more attention and can be more memorable content than a text and thus can convert users into leads.

Companies can obtain quality videos by simply using their phones and even making live videos and interact with users. Another benefit is that you can simply post your marketing videos to social media directly from your device.




6.- PodCast

Podcasts are one of the trends for 2020 that come with more impetus. It is known that people from different countries listen to podcasts at least once a week and listen to most of the episodes of their interest. Users can learn many different things through podcasts using their device from everywhere.

Content creators should take advantage of this opportunity as podcasts are expanding and considering as a trend for 2020 to offer users valuable and interesting content.

7.- A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligencedriven marketing will be another major marketing trend by 2020. Well used, artificial intelligence can help optimize creativity, distribution, and analysis to fine-tune marketing initiatives and help create faster marketing strategies, better and more segmented and thus increase the return on investment.

It can be used to analyze customer data and automate interaction with them to a certain level, it can be used in product recommendations, content creation, email personalization, etc.




8.- E-mail Marketing

The email marketing will continue to be the best channel for marketing. We recommend that you give priority to your email marketing campaigns on social networks. The reason is that by 2020 email marketing is expected to be, in efficiency, above affiliate marketing and paid searches.

The personalization of messages in email marketing campaigns will be the trend. Long-time since the utility of sending with standard messages is ruled out. Email marketing will allow you to address a mass audience but always with more personalized messages.

9.- Conversion Rate Optimization

With a C.R.O., the performance of your website will improve, you will have more users that could become customers and increase overall traffic.

With a good investigation, quantifiable objectives, development of your strategy and stable tests, you will be able to analyze the situation of your company for this 2020 by means of the data that the conversions show.

Optimization teaches not only to attract numbers of users but at what time, where and to whom the right content should be displayed in a given time.

10.- Big Data

We’ve been talking about big data for years, but as time goes by, this technology becomes more accessible and relevant. Each time we have better capabilities to analyze the available data and put it at the service of our Inbound Marketing campaigns.

The data, within an inbound strategy, can help us guarantee personalized and user-specific experiences throughout your buyer’s journey, so potential customers will get more involved with our brand.




Take advantage of the new year to start in Inbound Marketing, if you want your inbound project to take off and you don’t know how to do it, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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