Corporate Blogs: The Best Tool For Positioning A Site

How can I position my website? If you have a business, surely it is a question that you have asked yourself, and one of the best solutions is to bet on content marketing. Creating a corporate blog as part of a content strategy with SEO can be a good solution. Next, we will discuss the importance of corporate blogs and their advantages.

How Important Is The Blog For A Company?

In an increasingly digitized and global market, not having a correct online presence is a brutal disadvantage not only for our competitors, but also for increasingly demanding and digitized consumers.

Having a corporate blog is extremely important for the company to position the brand and users, who expect to receive quality content from us. In addition, with a blog, you will improve your company’s communication with current and potential customers, it will help you increase the loyalty of your customers and create more trust.

“53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority.”




10 Advantages of a Corporate Blog

1.- Differentiation: Give your brand a voice

The first benefit will be to give your company or personal brand its own voice. Being an open portal for users, the corporate blog will allow you to get in direct contact with your target audience and tell them what your company does, what is its philosophy, etc.

The contents of your blog can be fed back with your brand’s social media, and thereby improve direct communication with the public you want to reach.

This will bring about a more fluid and beneficial communication with your target audience, who will be identified with the content you publish.

2.- Branding: Consolidate the reputation of your company

As a second benefit and hand in hand with the previous one, we find the increase and consolidation of the reputation of your brand. How is it achieved? Thanks to the fact that, with the quality content of your blog and positive messages, you will be able to position yourself more strongly in the minds of your readers and potential buyers.

With this you will be able to share all the information you want and that is of interest to your customers, while you will be able to project the philosophy of your company. This will create a solid reputation in your niche.

3.- Credibility: Create More Confidence

Hand in hand with the previous points, we find, as a third benefit, the generation of trust in your clients.

Indeed, the contents of a corporate blog seek to provide answers and useful advice to customer questions and problems. Therefore, it is not about selling your product in each post of your blog, but about delivering value to your readers to generate the appropriate trust.

Being in front of a person who generates useful solutions to questions and problems has been shown to produce security. That is why with the type of communication that the blog allows, you will have the opportunity for your target audience to trust you, what you do and what you offer.

4.- Customers Loyalty

As a reward, if you work on the previous points, you will have as a fourth benefit a greater loyalty of your customers. Your clients will be more than satisfied if they have a direct way to access the solutions you propose for the problems that afflict them.

Along with this, direct communication will allow greater loyalty to be generated. In other words, you will be increasing your sales without the need to invest directly in advertising projects.

5.- Drive Traffic To Your Website

The fifth direct benefit that you will have if you properly develop a corporate blog will be to attract traffic to your website.

Indeed, studies by specialists in the field, such as Hubspot, have found that websites that rely on quality content distributed on blogs improve traffic substantially.

Good content will be shared and read multiple times, exponentially increasing the chances that more people will visit your website. Of course, the more visitors or traffic, you will also have the greater opportunity to sell.

6.- Improve Organic SEO

And what generates direct traffic to your website? SEO positioning, and this is the sixth benefit for your personal brand that working on a corporate blog will bring.

SEO experts agree that one of the best strategies to generate organic positioning in search engines is through external links that lead to quality content.

Well, a blog in feedback with social media allows precisely that: attract your target audience with quality external links that improve your organic positioning.

Do you know what the best thing about this positioning is? Which is low budget.

7.- Sales Increase

A corporate blog is also, without a doubt, a communication channel to achieve sales, since it provides confidence and security to the user. Thanks to the blog you can get your readers to feel sympathy for you and trust your products, so they will be much more willing to make the purchase.

In addition, through the leads that you have been getting, you can create a list of potential customers -already interested in your brand- to whom you can offer your product or service in a more attractive way -through a newsletter, for example-, increasing the possibilities to sell more.

8.- Promote Call to Action

The Calls to Action that are integrated into the articles of your blog are much more effective than those that we include in Social media (LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or in the Newsletter, for example.

Articles are a good channel to incorporate specific Calls to Action –sharing, commenting, subscribing to a newsletter, registering for a course, buying, etc– since they offer greater credibility and are not intrusive: people have entered your blog – voluntarily – to read you.

9.- Reduce Advertising Costs

As we know, having a personal brand implies investing in advertising, a lot or a little according to the budget you can count on. And this is another reason to open your corporate blog: reduce advertising costs.

We have already explained that through quality content and direct communication with your target audience you will be able to generate traffic to your website. This in turn translates into positioning.

At the end of the day, it is indirect advertising: you will get your target audience to be interested in your product and buy.

10.- Allows Customers To Be Informed

And last but not least, with a corporate blog you can inform your clients of all the news of the company in a close way and without being intrusive.

Of course, do not only write articles about your brand because no one will read you. The secret is to add news, offers, new employees, events that you organize or attend – among many other articles that solve doubts from your readers or that provide information that is really relevant and of value to your audience.

If you are interested in creating a blog for your company, contact us and we will help you. If you found this post interesting, share it and comment. Thanks!

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