E-mail Marketing, A Successful Strategy

Email campaigns are a key element in an Inbound Marketing strategy. These play a fundamental role in the purchasing process although many still do not know its benefits. Therefore, it is important to highlight that any strategy to attract and retain online customers, email is considered as a tool to be taken into account due to its efficiency and relatively low cost. Do you want to know more? Discover it here!

What is E-mail Marketing?

Email marketing is a digital marketing technique used by brands that are used to promote a product or service and attract new customers and retain existing ones. This practical and potential form of communication allows you to create messages with information adapted to each need and taste of a user. Thanks to the fact that customers have previously accepted receiving communications with relevant data about our brand, it becomes one of the digital strategies with the highest return on investment and the best results.

How does E-mail Marketing work?

Known as one of the most powerful sales tools, the email Marketing allows to establish frequent and close communication with each of the clients, generate greater recognition and increase the followers of a brand. In addition, it helps to have more information from the audience, allowing you to segment it more efficiently.

Knowing this, below, we explain how the email marketing strategy works, step by step.

1-. The Need to Inform

As a company, you may need to inform certain people about a certain product. How to reach that target audience with a direct message? With an email marketing plan!

2-. The Audience

To create an email marketing campaign you need to have a list of the emails of your potential or current customers. With time you can filter and segment your contacts, know their preferences and habits and, in that way, send them even more personalized messages.

3-. The Message: How to Write an Email?

It is time to shape the message. What do you want to transmit? What will you offer? It must be clear, concise and facilitate contact ways. It is not a “monologue”: the objective is to open a possible communication with your audience.

Here, some tips to write it:

Pay attention to the “Subject” of the email. Two slogans: brevity and effectiveness. Try not to have more than 50 characters with spaces (ideally 20-30 characters). It should be eye-catching, invite the recipient to click. Some ideas are:

– “News” (inform about a change or novelty)

– “How to” (“How to do such a thing”) or “tips”, to connect a problem or need of the client, with your solution

– Offers

– The subject of the mail could be a question to which the reader would answer “yes”, or an intriguing phrase so that he cannot resist opening the email.

The body of the email. It should start with an engaging introduction. Tell a story, build a mystery, capture the reader’s interest! And do not be “insistent”. The “buy now” is not your best option to sell a product.

4-. When to Send it?

Timing is fundamental. A message may be perfect, but if you send it at the wrong time, it may end up in the trash. These are some keys:

-Send it during the day. It seems obvious, but at night everyone rests, so it’s not worthwhile to launch your campaign.

– Avoid on Mondays and weekends. Mondays, because they are chaotic. On weekends, because there will not be many people pending for their email box. The best days to send your campaigns are on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. And the best time would be around noon.

Of course, all of this will depend on your audience. For example, young people could be more active on their mobile at night. But if your intention is to reach office workers, who read from the computer, you could apply what we said above.

5-. The Analysis and Reports

Now that you know more about email marketing, go ahead and try it!   Don’t forget to share this post!


The campaign you have done will be useless if you do not measure the results. How many people clicked on the links you included, how many directly canceled the subscription, and so on. Register your process, to improve it!  

Benefits of E-mail Marketing

If you want to know the benefits you can achieve by implementing this Digital Marketing technique, here are the advantages of using this tool.

  • Low cost: Sending emails does not require a high budget.
  • It is customizable: Adapt your message depending on your client’s needs.
  • Direct and stable communication: This helps you get information about their tastes.
  • Your information arrives more quickly and efficiently: It can be read when the person wants it.
  • Measurement of results in real time: You can evaluate the performance of the strategy.
  • It adapts to your business: It can be used in different ways, depending on the situation.

Now that you know more about email marketing, go ahead and try it!   Don’t forget to share this post!


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