Customer Management


Customer Management goes beyond a platform or software, as it encompasses the entire process used by Startups, SMEs and large companies to manage and analyze interactions with customers.

Indeed, CRM makes it possible to anticipate needs and desires, optimize profitability, increase sales and personalize lead generation campaigns.

Customer Management is designed to help your organization provide customers with a unique and seamless experience and build better relationships.

Benefits for your company

Advantages of customer management with a CRM in your company:


Three Important Benefits of Customer Management CRMs

Find more leads, close more business, retain more customers and start expanding your business with a 37% increase in sales revenue.

Your conversations are always personal, relevant and up-to-date, resulting in a 45% increase in customer satisfaction.

Companies that use CRM in their customer management report a 43% improvement in marketing ROI.

At 327 Digital Marketing we offer the CRM Customer Management that best suits your business and your needs.

We offer CRM for Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and H.R.H.R.
Among the softwares we work with are:

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