Social Media Management


Social Media Management has become one of the most popular activities on the Internet, which represents a great opportunity for companies that want to communicate with their buyer persona through these platforms. The company's participation in social networks must respond to a properly anticipated and planned strategy.

Developing a presence in the different social networks through corporate profiles and fostering the creation of an enthusiastic and involved community will help to achieve the corporate objectives that have been planned. Promotion strategies should be based on different tools that together help to achieve a communication adapted to users.

Social Media Management for your company or business

Here are 4 steps that we implement in 327 Digital Marketing to work on the Social Media Management of your company or business.

Preliminary analysis

We must analyze our position in the market and the situation of the brand in social networks, before setting our objectives, strategies and action plan, for them we design a SWOT analysis that allows us to analyze whether the objectives are realistic or not. These analyses are divided into two: internal analysis and external analysis.

Promotion strategy

Defining our buyer persona will be one of the first steps we will take for our social media strategy, this way we will know in which platform our company should be present, we will also define our communication objectives and these should be quantifiable and quantitative.

Content strategies

Each social network has its structure, so its content must be consistent not only with its structure but also according to the needs of users. Content is one of the most important factors when designing a social media strategy, we work with the most used social networks in the market today, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and the most used video platform, YouTube. Each of these social networks has a purpose and content. In some, more texts will be used, in others, more images and videos, but with different objectives. Within the content strategy we must answer questions like these: What kind of product do we offer? In which social networks should we have a presence? These and more questions are the ones that guide us in our content strategy.

Return on investment

One of the challenges that companies face today is the measurement and calculation of the return on investment in social networks. The main objective of a social media strategy is to obtain a large community of users who are loyal to the brand, product or services, but, at the same time, that these users have a high level of engagement. To achieve all of the above, we implement different indicators that are necessary to guide us in measuring the social media plan and the success achieved.

We work with all social media platforms and find the one that best suits your business or company.