SEO Positioning


SEO positioning is a positioning strategy used to obtain visibility of a website in search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others. When we implement the right strategies, your business will be able to be positioned in the first places of the search engines obtaining a better organic traffic.

How do we do SEO positioning in 327 Digital Marketing?

SEO Planning

Identify your target audience and your message. We customize the SEO strategy for your company based on:

  1. On-page SEO: These are all the actions we perform within the website to improve its positioning in search engines.

  2. Off-page SEO: These are all off-site actions that help improve organic positioning.

Keyword research

Through Keyword Research we analyze and study the possibilities of connecting your company with your potential customers. Additionally, the method allows you to know much more about your target audience and make them identify with your company, with the keywords you can know what your customer wants. What is your buyer persona looking for? And what terms is your customer searching for? We will work the keywords through the long tail strategy to achieve better results.

SEO Compatible Website

A search engine friendly website is one of the most important points that allows visibility in search results.
To make your page accessible, it is necessary to include tools during the design process so that search engines can find and crawl your site. All website content must be indexable: texts, images and videos, to rank well in search engines.
The importance of internal and external links, sitemaps, URLs, subdomains, keywords, are part of the whole process that must be considered to have an accessible and visible website in search engines.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing is a strategy that identifies your customer with your website. A website that offers quality content is more relevant in search engines and more attractive to customers. We can create the content of your website or create it from scratch.
Our strategy is the structure of the content of the website, the creation of quality content and link building.

Tools we use in SEO positioning

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