Experiential and Emotional Tourism: Connecting with Travelers

Tourists embark of vacation or travelling for different purposes. The expectations these tourists derive from a specific destination differs and changes over time.

The expectations get from a destination has no limitations to a region or city guided tour. There is often a longing travellers face. They desire to explore a destination better and going beyond shallow elements of such destination is on rising. Experience-driven tourism otherwise known as experiential tourism steadily rising.

From the TripAdvisor  key research, tourist goes for new experiences as they visit famous places. While some tourists travel to unique places for the experience, other travellers embark on a vacation due to emotions. Some travel to relieve themselves from hurts gotten from a relationship breakup or divorce.

Such tourism is meant to forget the pains and to connect with other people to process their healing. This article will be in two sections – experiential travel and emotional tourism. Read on to know more.

What is Experiential Tourism?

Tourism experiential is explore different cultures and to experience activities are two revolving points of experiential tourism. The time when tourists just travel for travelling sake is dying off.

Travellers now embark on different vacations to gain different experiences. They travel to know the cultures of other people. Through these vacations, they enrich or enhance their knowledge and intimately engaging in a city is promoted.




Travellers today spend their time connecting and interacting with indigenes or locals. Generally, people love to share their tourism pictures (hotels, restaurants and iconic places). They now see the nerd to gain the whole experience so as to share the stories when they go back to their friends and family.

An integral part of experiential tourism is culinary travel. Food which is one of the basic needs of man catches the attention of tourists. Unlike before when tourists travel with their native food, they now seek a culinary experience of their new destination. There is a big link between people’s culture and food. Food emotionally and socially connects travellers.

How do Travellers Tastes Evolve?

As earlier written, tourists now travel to explore hidden and iconic places in a city or country. They no longer have interest in mere visiting and going back.

The report of TripAdvisor in 2018 highlights how tourists expand their horizons and usher in non-tradition and new experiential categories. As a result of this evolution, tour operators are given the task of managing and organizing tourism experiences. These experiences are offered to customers to help them have a better knowledge of the place they are travelling to.

Technology and Experiential Tourism

The importance of technology in our world can’t be overemphasized. Technology has assisted many industries in which the tourism industry (hotel, restaurant, travel agency) is one. There are open avenues for tourists all thanks to social media and the Internet. Smartphone has made tourism experience easier and simpler.

A tourist can comfortably stay on his bed and read people’s experience of a destination. With the smartphone, the world is at hand of traveller. They get to know different hotels, reservations and unique places to visit through of pages like Booking.com TripAdvisor or Airbnb

The culture of the places they desire to go can easily be accessed with their smartphone. Booking of astonishing experiences is faster. The relevance of experiential tourism together with the assistance of technology is huge and alluring.

With social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, reaching out to a higher population and sharing of tourism stories is made easy for tourist. The ever-increasing number of tourism bloggers has equally increased the demands for new, unique and quality contents from prospective travellers.

This alone has contributed immensely to tourists who are surfing the Internet for distinct travelling experiences. Television, radio channels and cinemas have increased the curiosity of viewers or travellers discussed or filmed on. From this, people travel to get inspired and knowledge of the cultures they viewed.

Through experiential tourism, the engagement of people with a new travelling destination is reshaping slowly. There is a mental shift towards the expectations of vacation today.

What is Emotional Tourism?



The name alone explains that emotional tourism is birth from emotions. The possibility of feeling lost after a long relationship breakup is high. Victims of unsuccessful relationship often see themselves stranded and frustrated. Some explain their feelings as one in the midst of a deep blue sea and hungry shark. To get off from this state, people go for emotional tourism.

They run away from the painful situation without waiting to get healed from their past relationship. While some embark on emotional tourism to face new life and enjoy new relationships some do so to heal separately. Emotional separation is more difficult to heal than physical separation, given rising to emotional tourism.

Is emotional tourism a complete healing process?

People pass through long mourning process after a relationship breakup. A long period of mourning can also be from the death of a marital partner. During this period, they find it difficult to believe and to accept. In some cases, hopelessness, severe anxiety and depression set in.

Acceptance is the preceding stage of a painful healing process. They victims gradually come back to themselves and rebuilding and meeting new people sets in. You will see yourself overcoming the breakup if the healing process goes well. You will equally be able to analyze your past relationship and learn from it.

The thought of emotional tourism .comes into the mind of people that don’t experience the full healing process. Not getting a complete healing process can be caused by fear and getting stuck to more harmful situations happen. Such people don’t see themselves having another future positive relationship. They prefer to be less sensitive and now use a relationship to pass time.

Tourists Going Nowhere

Emotional travellers move from one place and person to another. They move about without having a special direction. While they explore new things, they assume themselves as real and true adventures. They seek pleasure and joy without having a feeling of commitment. Getting responsible for their circle of friends is not considered. Emotional tourism is not avoiding partner selection rather self-sabotage emotion.

Emotional travellers think more about their pass and this is the reason why they move from one place. They do this without desiring to learn or reflect on new things in their new environment. They have no thought of mingling with people’s culture.

Even when they see themselves in an extraordinary place, they don’t give room for love in their heart. They ignore love advances and intending lovers and keep travelling. Emotional tourists will rather convince you to follow them than listening to you. With their smartphone, they check out new places to travel to.




Emotional Tourists Kind of Love

As people struggling to overcome emotional hurt and separation, they hardly commit to love. They love today and run away tomorrow. There is instability in the life of emotional tourists. Most of the emotional tourism they embark on are likened as an act of selfishness.

People who meet them don’t expect something from they exhibit intermittent love. The behaviors of emotional tourist when in emotional tourism can be dangerous. Addiction and other psychological negative traits can arise as they only live for the moment.

The Extroverted Lifestyle of Emotional Tourist

Making new friends is one of the enjoying attributes of emotional tourists. However, this friendship is rarely productive and lasting. Their focus is now and enjoying emotional tourism is considered as a priority to them than stopping or spending time in any destination.

Is Emotional Tourism worthy?

Regardless of what you have read so far if emotional tourism is temporary, there are benefits. It is not possible to deny the fun of travelling around the world. Seeing new places is a good idea and it helps in promoting emotional healing. Instead of dying slowing in silence and at a hurting environment, embarking on emotional tourism can be relevant.

One can easily find new pasture, new friends and new lovers from the adventure of emotional tourism. Some people who embark of such vacations tend to find themselves again in private. Very emotional people can learn a lot from emotional tourism and from the experience can build their lives and emotions again.

Assisting an Emotional Tourist

Emotional tourists are ignorant of the emotional hurt and exhaustion they are passing through. Seeing them as selfish or uncaring should never come to your mind as most of their actions are emotionally based. You can assist them by listening to them even when what they are saying makes no sense to you.

Totally avoiding people suffering from emotional instability is not the way forward. You can advise them to see a psychologist when you listen to them. It is only one who is specialized in a relationship that can assist them better and to get back to normalcy.


While some people travel to experience and explore new destinations, others travel to get their emotions back. Technology plays a prominent role in two kinds of tourism. Both tourism propagates connectivity with people.

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