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The world of online advertising has had a vertiginous development in the last 15 years. Not surprisingly, parallel to the development of new technologies and simultaneous to the impulse that social media has taken in our society.

New online advertising platforms such as Facebook Ads have emerged that has made us change the conception of what advertising today is in general. Only a few years ago, conventional advertising or offline advertising was the most chosen by advertisers, orienting their Marketing budgets to advertising campaigns on TV, radio, press or abroad.

This fact meant a high disbursement on occasion (especially for TV campaigns), of which only a few data were known: the audience or share was one of the few data that the media could offer us to get an idea of the impact our audience could have had, but not much else.

Let’s take advantage of this new digital era and learn more about Facebook Ads: Online Advertising.

What is Facebook Ads?




Facebook Ads is the platform to make ads on Facebook and that has been a real rival to Adwords. You can promote your E-Commerce or your Business (even events) and pay only for clicks received.

The great advantage that Facebook Ads offers us is segmentation, since thanks to the compilation of data acquired by the social network, we can filter not only by socio-demographic criteria but also by interests. This allows us to articulate our online advertising campaign more effectively with strategies that directly impact what motivates or worries the target.

How does it work?

As mentioned before, it is a very useful tool for companies, especially for small and medium-sized businesses, for online stores or for creating events. Facebook Ads allows you to obtain many advantages for a very small budget and in a very simple way, with effective results in a short time since Facebook performs a total viralization of the ad so that it expands as much as possible.

But, how does it work?

The first step is to carry out the advertising campaign and create the ads that are promoted. The ad will enter a virtual auction competing with other ads that have chosen more or less the same criteria. For this reason, a relatively competitive offer has to be made. In case there is not much, the amount of money does not have to be very high.

The ads can be made of text but also with graphics or videos and will be shown in three ways: in the news section, in the right column on the computer version and in the news section on mobile phones. When the campaign is published, it is advisable to optimize it every day for better performance and greater benefits.

How does it benefit my business?

The idea of using Facebook Ads is to generate web traffic to your website or blog, in order to get customers and earn money.

Your goal is to capture the attention of a user to get to your business, you can make your product or service known, and that user ends up buying, thus becoming a customer.

What makes Facebook Ads totally different from other platforms is the ability to locate, more specifically, people who may be interested in your product, how? Thanks to the “likes” button, yes, it is much more important than you think. Thanks to it, Facebook has a lot of data about your clients (or future clients), such as the following:



  Apart from this, Facebook Ads also offers you the following advantages:

  • It gives you the ability to segment your ads in detail and adjust your ideal client: how to point an ad from an English Institute to teens between 13 and 17, located in Valencia, Spain and who are fans of pages of your competition (others institutes in English).


  • It is very economical since you only pay for the clicks obtained, so if you manage to make a proper segmentation and write an attractive ad, you will be able to show your ads to people really interested in them, making an even greater profit.


  • It gives you the possibility to interact with users through games, contests or simple surveys with options, thus being able to know their interests and use them in favor of your company.


  • You can measure the results obtained thanks to the detailed reports provided by Facebook, which gives you the possibility of increasingly optimizing the campaign and increasing its performance.

Bet on Facebook Ads to give your business visibility, get more subscribers and convert visits into customers.   Don’t forget to share this post!

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