How To Use: Google Analytics To Check Your Business

You may be owning an online E-commerce store or have a blog that you monetize, in either of this, you will require to properly understand the business aspects of it to form an effective business strategy that will make your business a huge success.

Google Analytics is a tool that will give you much-needed insights about your business and help you plan out the business strategy that will lead your business to success. Today, we will break down 5 important points that will improve your business with Google Analytics.

1. Validate Buyer Personas

If you use Google Analytics as a helpful step towards checking if your business is working, the first step is to validate buyer personas. In other words, you must ensure you know what your market costumers are looking for and consider it. To do this you must first know what your buyer persona is. This is a representation of your ideal customer based on market research to real costumers and judgment to your business.

Now to validate a buyer persona you need to create audience engagement. Using the buyer personas, properly target your content to be attractive and fulfilling to the buyers’ needs. Along with this, having data on your buyers is important for validating their needs. Knowing your audience’s insight is vital for good business and helps fill their demands.

Lastly, be patient with buyers and persuade your audience for insights that will help amend and make your business better. When a buyer shares their opinion, you can add changes to your work and if their insights are already filled, you can be sure your business is working and doing well. All this will help keep the buyer engaged and keep your business working.

Google Analytics helps you to validate buyer personas so that you can plan out a content strategy or marketing strategy to target the potential buyers in a better way. This will, in turn, engage the visitors that visit your website and potential buyers of your product or services.

By validating the buyer persona you will be able to determine what services your potential buyers are looking for and form strategies to deliver the services to them.

Furthermore, it also enables you to set the right tone, style and overall vibe of your blog or E-commerce website.

2. Test Call-To-Actions

The second step to checking if your business is working is test call – to – actions. The meaning sounds just like the name, it’s a phrase the calls the audience to immediately take action at that very moment. Buyers and audiences say that a business without a call – to – action is incomplete and ineffective. To improve your business, create a call – to – action so that your main audience is satisfied.

This command boosts your business instantly as it persuades your buyers or audience to do a task and boost your work. It boosts your conversions by 13% which is effective in long term work. An example of call – to – actions are used by a very popular website/app, Netflix.

They use persuasive text and language to attract the audience into participating in their free trial so that they know how effective their business is. In the same way, creating a call – to – action command will allow your buyers to be attracted to what it is your business does.

It motivates them to view and have a sample of what you are presenting and offering them if it is eye-catching they will go for it, view your product, and proceed with their decision.

This helps your business in many ways. If someone has made up their mind about your business, this may change with a call – to – action. If you already have one, what you can do is check if it is attractive enough and eye-catching so that the audience can check it out. In other words, test it out and see it from a buyer’s point of view to help you better understand if It’s working. Do this to improve your business and to attract more customers.

Every E-commerce website or a blog which is been monetized has to have a call-to-action which is crucial for any sort of conversion.

Some of the websites may have more than one Call To Action; this is when Google Analytics comes to your rescue.

With goggle analytics tracking set on the Call To Action, you will get to know, the most converting call to action. And thereby which one is most effectively placed Call To Action and which one is not converting that well.

Moreover, this information provided by Google Analytics will also help you in your new layouts, approaches to attract more visitors and potential buyers and get the conversions.

3. Measure E-mail Marketing

Email Marketing allows you to reach more people to be potential customers. It’s mainly used to promote products and services. Most successful businesses use this as a way to advance in their work and to increase customer numbers.

To effectively grow and improve your business, having email marketing helps. There are many advantages to using email marketing however they come with some cons as well. Advantages include promoting the product, introducing things to costumers, broadening the market of items and gaining costumers and their awareness.

On the other hand, the disadvantages of using email marketing is that costumers may just get irritated with too many emails and spams, people might not want to receive marketing emails so they choose to block the sender and lastly, only customers who have already been on the website or email can receive emails which prevent any new customers.

For this reason, measuring the number of emails you send to promote your business can help improve it. Do not send too many till people consider it spam while also sending a reasonable amount to promote your business.

Email marketing is a cost-effective and efficient way of establishing and creating awareness about the brand thereby increasing the overall sales.

Google Analytics is a tool that is used by most of the email marketers to measure and then optimize email-marketing sales. Because Google Analytics is a free tool with some incredible features that will enable you to track the metrics of your email marketing campaigns and give you an increased return of investment.

For doing so first you have to set up a Google Analytics for your business website so that you can track the source from which the visitors to your website are coming.

Going further, you can also set up an email marketing campaign that can again be tracked using Google Analytics. Creating a trackable URL by setting up UTM parameters can do this.

UTM parameters or tags are nothing but small pieces of information that are added at the end of any link, which you include in your emails.  




  4. Website Traffic / Users

Website traffic refers to those people who visit a website a large number of times compared to others. This also includes the amount of data sent and received to the person surfing the website. Checking the amount of traffic your website has is very important for your business as it shows how well your website is doing.

The larger amount of users, the better it is for your product and business. If the amount of traffic on your website is lesser compared to other websites, it shows that you aren’t doing well and your business is not working as well as it should.

To improve your website you must make your website more attractive and market your product better so it gets more display and your website gets much more attraction. This will help to see how well your website and business is doing in the end.

Google Analytics plays a huge role in giving you insights about your website’s traffic and the various users that are visiting your website.

The traffic that is coming to your website can be either direct traffic, referring traffic, or the traffic that is driven to your website through the search engines or maybe various search engines.

Google Analytics goes even further and gives you valuable information about website visitors that includes language, location, demographics and much more through the Audience Overview Dashboard.

This crucial information forms the basis depending on which future decisions for your business are made.  




5. Enhance Account-based marketing

Lastly, to see how successful your business is and to check if it is working, work on enhancing account-based marketing. Account-based marketing, also known as key marketing, is marketing based on account awareness and directly aims to customers viewing your product and giving insights to it.

Account-based marketing shifts your focus from a larger amount of audience to specific “accounts” in other words people. With the help of this marketing is aimed at different types of people so that their interests are peaked and they are attracted to the final product.

Enhancing this is good for your business as-is allows you to get larger accounts of people to view your website and business by attracting them in different ways. Most popular and successful businesses have done enhanced their account-based marketing which is one of the factors for their successful.

Account-based marketing is a new concept in the field of marketing where B2B marketing in which marketing and sales teams work together to target best fit accounts and turn them into customers.

In the ABM, the first and foremost step is to identify the potential target and then map the target accounts by carrying out SWOT Analysis or account coverage. This will let you know exactly which accounts you should approach.

Now custom creates the content that may be a blog post, videos, advertise copies or even surveys that are specifically designed for the accounts that are to be approached.

Finally, when you have enlisted which companies or accounts are to be targeted and have the customized content ready, it is time to carry pout the ABM marketing strategy.

Google Analytics help to enhance ABM marketing by giving valuable insights about engagement rate and email response rate.


This is how you can use Google Analytics to check if your business is doing well while also editing it so that it is better and attracts more costumers and a larger audience.

Google Analytics helps you to check if your business is working by tracking and analyzing the important parameters of any business or website. It enables you to make smarter decisions in regards to your business and make it successful. Don’t forget to share this post!

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