How to Use Instagram for Your Business?

Is it possible to grow as a company on Instagram? In this post, we talk about the keys to develop your brand profile on Instagram and grow your company.

In Online Marketing, the strategy we can develop on Instagram can be very beneficial for the company if we do it well. On this platform, we can attract people to our website and apply digital marketing strategy in general.

You will have the opportunity to connect with your audience and show all that your business does, playing with visual content applying creativity meanwhile you offer your product or service. Instagram is a useful platform for business to win visibility.

If you are interested in to develop a strategy on Instagram for your business and you need to know how to use Instagram to achieve your goals, read below.

How to Set Up on Instagram Account for Companies?

Of course, if you want your business to be present on Instagram, you will need to set up a company profile.

Let’s see the characteristics of the company profile on Instagram:

  • User name (name of your brand or company).
  • Bio, photo, and URL (you can only put one, and change it whenever you want).
  • Phone, email and physical location.
  • Internal statistics of the account.
  • Possibility of making announcements.
  • Call to action button at the top of the company profile. That is the ‘contact’ button on Instagram.

How to Activate my Company Profile on Instagram?

After you created your account, you will have the option to configure it into a personal or a business profile. The procurement is really easy and fast, just follow the next steps:

  • In case you already have an account or maybe, several profiles, just select the one you want to convert into a business account for then, activate it.
  • Go to configuration.
  • Inside configuration, go down till Account > Switch to Business Profile option. In case you do not find this option, maybe will be necessary to update the application.
  • Now, you can connect your Facebook to your Instagram account where you will have a fan page. Is important to create one so you will have more opportunities to get followers.
  • Now, will be necessary to complete your profile with your company details like phone number and address. Try to complete all the information that you can. Also, you can add a specific email for this app where users and potential customers can contact you. For example




Set Goals on Instagram for Your Business

If we have a business and we decide to use Instagram we will need goals because this application is completely different from others. You need to know what you really want or need for then create a strategy. If you understand the platform uses and what it has to offer and if it matches with your objectives, then you will have many benefits. It is time to focus on your business goals, for example:

  • Increase the sales of your products or services.
  • Generate more visits to your website.
  • Make your brand, company or service known.
  • Show the news about your company.
  • Provide satisfaction to your customers.
  • Attract and connect with influencers.
  • Show the most relevant products of your business.  

Create a Content Strategy on Instagram

The content is the king. Many companies use Instagram to publicize their products or services, others reflect their identity and philosophy or to communicate with their current and potential customers. Based on what we want to publish on Instagram, we will focus our content towards one way or another.

When you have defined what to publish, it is important to make a protocol or style guide, according to the philosophy of our business. Take into account the following:

  • Esthetic. How do I want them to see my page? Use of backgrounds, templates, size of images, colors, filters, etc. Search for consistency for all your content. A clean page with good aesthetics is always welcome.
  • Hashtags. Monitor the most relevant hashtags for your brand and group them according to the content. In this way, it will be much easier to make each publication. Also, you can create hashtags for your own company.
  • Start contests. If you are already publishing interesting images, with their own personality and using the right hashtags, you can benefit from the contests to increase your brand loyalty and gain more visibility.
  • Interact with your public. In Instagram, we intend that users react to our publications but you must bear in mind that you must also interact with them. It is an opportunity to make your brand known as you really want it and gain followers.

Were you wondering how to use Instagram for your business? Take into account our tips, and your business will succeed in this platform.   Don’t forget to share this post!

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