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This renewed set of tools is able to connect thousands of companies around the world with their potential customers daily, that is, it is one of the most used ways to promote products and services on the Internet. And is that previously known by all as Google AdWords and renamed as Google Ads, contains a large number of utilities that continue to offer the best digital advertising offer for any company today. But, if you still do not know this platform well, let’s start at the beginning.

What is Google Ads (Adwords)?



Considered an important tool to promote the digital marketing of any company, Google Adwords allows linking information about products and services to the terms researched by users.

These tools are for online advertising, (owned by the multinational Google), it is based on PPC campaigns (pay per click). In short, this platform is the “new evolution” of the already popular AdWords, the classic paid ads tool of the company.

The range of possibilities goes from text ads, banners, video ads, Apps and much more. All this created to reach millions of users who search every day in this Internet search engine.

In the renewed interface of Google Ads, we also began to discover new functionalities and types of more specific campaigns that are designed with Artificial Intelligence, based on the “machine learning” philosophy.

Using Google Ads the results in terms of online visibility are almost immediate, unlike performing an SEO positioning strategy, which usually takes months to see the results (counting on things being done well).

In addition, it is currently one of the most popular customer acquisition channels used by millions of companies around the world.


How Does Work This Platform?

If you already knew it by its previous name AdWords, you will know that, among others, its ads are those shown in the SERP (search engine results pages) of the search engine in the first results and, sometimes, at the bottom of the first page of results, under the label of “Ad”.

It is based, as we mentioned above, on the PPC system (pay per click), where you have to pay for each click your ads receive from customers.

For customers to see your ads before you have to choose the keywords with which you want to position it. In this way, when a user enters the word you have chosen in the search engine, the advertising will appear.

The search engine sets the prices in an auction and advertisers bid for keywords in real time so the price of words can change over time. Even so, there are keywords with a lot of competition in which the price will not change.

Once the word has been chosen and the ad created, Ads (or AdWords) will charge you each time someone clicks on the ad. They will charge you the maximum price of your bid on the keyword.

However, this evolution of the advertising tool has not been a mere change of name, but the change goes further. It is the intention to simplify a bit more the “spider web” that offers us in terms of advertising on the Internet.

In this new interface, Google Ads integrates all its tools or advertising platforms in a single dashboard or control panel:

  • YouTube Ads.
  • AdWords
  • Maps
  • Advertising in the search engine.
  • Display ads.

Thanks to these tools, you can reach your potential customers who are near your company or publish your ads in all regions or countries of your choice.




How Google Ads Metrics (Adwords) work?

This platform and its bidding system allow you to create those ads that will stand out within the SERP and give you extra visibility (paid).

Now, as in any marketing strategy or plan that you establish for your digital business, you must subsequently measure the results obtained to, based on them, pivot or not such strategy. Therefore, we must establish certain metrics and variables according to the business and fundamentally according to the objectives of our brand.


The most important metrics that you can control within Google Ads are:


  • Impressions: Indicate the number of times an ad has been shown in the results of the search engine.


  • A number of clicks: The number of times a click occurred on the ad created.


  • CTR: The famous “click-through rate” is the number of times someone clicked on your ad divided by impressions. This data is expressed as a percentage and the higher the value, the better the campaign’s performance.


  • Conversions: These are the actions that we want visitors to make on our website. It is important to measure the number of conversions that are generated, to get an idea of the convertibility rate of the website or the advertisement.


  • Conversion percentage: This metric is responsible for calculating the relationship between the number of conversions and all the interactions of the ad.


  • Average position: It is the average position that your ads occupy. If you have an average position of 7 or less, your ad will appear on the first page.


  • Average CPC: The cost per conversion is the average amount the advertiser pays for each conversion that the Ads has achieved.


  • Average CPM: Cost per thousand impressions is the metric that represents the cost generated by every thousand impressions of the ad. It is the number of times that advertising has been shown on the internet.


  • Quality Score: It is the measurement of the quality level of an advertisement. This metric is based on the CTR, the relevance of the text, in the keywords and the landing page.


What Opportunities Does It Offer to Advertise on Google Ads?

 Google Ads offer three important opportunities:


SEO offers long-term results and involves a stable investment of resources, but it does not have to be the only option for a company. Ads from Google Ads offer you the possibility to appear in the top positions in the search results as soon as you activate the campaign.

Once you’ve selected the right keywords and designed the ad, your advertising will begin to show on Google, getting more visitors, more potential customers, to reach your website.


2.Low Cost

If you’ve ever wondered how much it costs to advertise in Google AdWords, you should know that one of the biggest advantages is that you do not pay for your ad to show, but only when a user clicks on it (PPC).

The cost of each click will depend fundamentally on 3 factors. The keyword you have chosen, the quality score that Ads give to your ad and the position in which it appears.

Whatever money you have to advertise, Google gives you the opportunity to publish your ads in a staggered manner. You can distribute your budget throughout the month and thus increase the number of visits on your website constantly.



In Google AdWords, an SME can compete with any large company on equal terms and advertise their products effectively. This is because you can define the Target Audience you want to target. It is possible to segment according to the location of your customers, their language, sex, interests, etc, we can even include our ads in searches made from different devices: desktops and laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Your advertising will not be shown to everyone, as it happens on television. On the contrary: only people who may be interested in them will see your ads. Therefore, as we said, your SME can compete against any large company for the simple reason that the greater or lesser success of the campaign will not depend on the amount of money that is invested, but who creates the best ads and better define Your Target Audience


As you can see, if you have not used Google Ads (AdWords), it may be a more than valid option to promote your services or products of your Online business.




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