Marketing Automation, A Tool For Your Business

Often when we talk about Marketing Automation, who listens to us it seems we are talking about science fiction, because for many, it can be a bit strange to find software that does all the work for oneself.

When we talk about automating our digital marketing we do not mean leaving it at the mercy of machines or robots, we are talking about making more efficient management of our tasks in order to focus on what is important.

The goal of automating digital marketing is to make it more personal, even if it sounds contradictory. We can offer personalized experiences to a customer depending on the stage of purchase decision in which he is.

The truth is that more and more companies choose to invest in some Marketing Automation tool that facilitates their daily work. Of course, familiarizing ourselves with these tools is often complicated. Therefore, in this article, we will show you everything you can do with a marketing automation tool.


What is Marketing Automation?



Most Digital Marketing professionals call these tools “Inbound Marketing Tools” or “All-in-One Tools”, this is because they allow us to automate almost all kinds of actions.

As we say, these all-in-one platforms offer endless possibilities and you will find them for all kinds of pockets from more sophisticated platforms to manage a large volume of data, such as the mythical HubSpot.

The complexity of this type of tools is that they usually require certain knowledge to be able to get the best of it. For that reason, we bring you this article with the idea to help you to understand how these tools work so you can start using them by yourself.


Why Automate My Digital Marketing?



One of the main reasons is that you will save time to focus on your business, marketing automation responds to the need to reduce work times in an increasingly complex world with more options.

In addition to the time, we can also focus our resources on potential customers who are closer to buying our product and also increase the benefit per customer through upselling or cross-selling.


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What Solutions Does It Bring to My Business?

This type of tools arise almost in parallel to Inbound Marketing, that is why they integrate the processes that make up the phases of this methodology: 1º attract traffic; 2nd Convert users into leads; 3º Close the sale and 4º Delight the customers.


List of solutions that marketing automation offers to companies:


  • Conversion: there are tools that can help you create landing pages, customize web forms, etc. According to the landing page, you can modify it depending on the client or the source from where it comes from.


  • Management and qualification of leads: you can manage the databases with your records or leads through a CRM system. Many of them also integrate score system to your records, called lead scoring, so you can make a closer approach to the purchase of your potential client.


  • Pop-ups: That popups appear on the web based on the behavior of visitors to capture Leads.


  • Chatbot: An automated chat that guides customers in their shopping experience.


  • Sending of Manuals or exclusive content: extra change clients email through the download of exclusive material to get more information about them.


  • Attract users to your website: some of the “all-in-one” tools allow you to customize your content, monitor your social networks, program content, etc.


  • Social Media: You can automate tasks to attract traffic to our website as published on social networks every time there is a new post on your blog.


  • PPC campaigns: Payment campaigns like AdWords or Facebook


  • Retargeting: Your visitors will see the publicity once they leave your website.


  • Email autoresponse: Your customers receive an automatic email when they subscribe or have requested information about a specific product.


  • Nurturing: Information about the visitors to know at what stage they are of the purchase decision process and know how likely it is that the conversion occurs or continue to send information.


  • Delivery and purchase experience: Automate product shipments and contact with the carrier once the purchase is made. Sending satisfaction survey by email within 2 days of receiving the product.


  • Upselling and Cross-selling: Upselling is to try to sell superior products to the chosen one. And the Cross-selling is to inform about complementary products to those who have already purchased.


  • Get Customers by reference: Make referral campaigns to customers who buy more, such as offering discounts. This can be automated in the form of pop-ups or include the advantages at the end of the payment gateway.


Advantages of Marketing Automation

Those who have decided to automate their marketing and sales actions have done it mainly for two reasons:


  • Greater personalization and approach to the client.


  • Saving time and costs.


There are other advantages that, directly or indirectly, marketing automation can bring:


  • Increase the number of records in your database, it is very likely that if you automate your actions of attraction of users, they end up providing you their data and become leads or sales opportunities.


  • Make lists and segmentation to get closer to your potential customers.


  • Increase online sales, if you have an eCommerce, the increase in return on investment is almost assured by automating the sending of emails for example.


  • Rate the sales opportunities through a funnel or sales funnel. Setting up a sales funnel correctly can help unify marketing and sales teams through lead scoring and see if the sales opportunities are close to being fulfilled or not.


Automation Tools

There are many tools that allow you to automate each of the processes we have discussed. The idea is to complement everything with a CRM that gives you information about your visitors to perform more precise actions. The following tool offer a complete experience to fully automate your digital marketing:



Possibly the best-known platform of Inbound Marketing and the one that allows us a greater degree of automation and knowledge of the clients through its excellent CRM.

The problem is that it is quite expensive, but it has a suite of tools that can automate tasks of all phases of the purchase process.



Marketing automation is not only software, but this tool also automates, measures and makes more efficient marketing tasks so that companies can increase their operations and improve their profit.

And your business has already implemented it?

Contact us! We can help you with this.


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