How Can Your Business Grow with Inbound Marketing Strategy?

If your company is facing the challenge of attracting customers but sales do not respond as they should, it is time to think about new marketing strategies. We must bear in mind that, the reality of the market has changed, the consumer has evolved and has become more demanding. Therefore, today we explain how your business can grow with Inbound Marketing and improve your sales.

What is Inbound Marketing?



Inbound Marketing involves a set of techniques, processes, and tools that seek to attract visitors to your website and convert them first into contacts and then into prospectus and then close them as customers. This methodology is based on two main pillars: attraction marketing (which includes content marketing, good SEO practices and the use of social networks) and marketing automation (which includes lead scoring, lead nurturing and a CRM).


What we are looking for with Inbound Marketing is to attract users who have a specific need or problem to solve. We do it by offering quality content that is useful to them, and then guide them through their shopping route.


We establish a value relationship over time, which leads naturally to the purchase of our product or service, which satisfies their wishes but above all that resolves their problems. The last goal is that customers are so happy with the process and service that they naturally become genuine ambassadors of our brand.

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How Can This Digital Marketing Help Your Business Grow?

To help any company grow, it is necessary to resort to the Inbound Marketing methodology. The methodology of Inbound Marketing helps brands to attract, convert, close and captivate potential customers through a variety of digital channels such as social networks, blogs, lead nurturing, lead scoring, analytics, etc.


This methodology is divided into 4 very important phases, in each of these stages we have to use tools and strategies, although some of them may be useful in other phases. But before talking about the phases we should know our Buyer persona, who is our ideal customer. The buyer people are a semi-fictitious representation of our ideal clients from a more human than rational or numerical perspective. It helps us analyze their objectives, their challenges, their objections as well as their personal information.




Companies want to attract customers who are interested in their products or services. You must create good content with great value and quality in which you explain what the company does and what the company sells. In the attraction phase, all the actions that are carried out must have the objective of getting the ideal traffic according to what you sell. All this is achieved through Blogs, Social Media, SEM, SEO, Mobile Marketing and Video Marketing.


2. Convert

Once you have achieved the attraction phase and have a good number of visitors on your website, it is time to convert them into prospects, you can obtain their data or information through a form, they must become a sale opportunity. To obtain this information it is necessary to offer something in exchange for the client, for example, an e-book or an offer, technical articles, informative pages, etc.

To attract them can be done through CTA (calls to action), landing pages or forms. With the information of each contact, you will be able to shape your database with great information that will help you to create better strategies.



Once you have converted visitors into leads, the third step is to transform them into customers through interaction in social networks and to be in touch with them through e-mail. The interactions will allow you to know which ones are closest to becoming clients and have a series of strategies prepared. The way to do it is through lead nurturing campaigns, with the lead qualification, which aims to catalog the database based on its interaction with the client.



The messages made with quality and value for each client will make your customers happy promoters of your brand. Turn them into consumers and not only will they buy you once, but they will fall in love with your brand. They will promote you in all their social networks, making your visibility increase considerably. Some of the tools that should be used to build loyalty are social networks, smart content, events, and email.

Within each of the phases of the strategy, the analysis must be taken into account, which is every action that takes place in the created content, campaigns and actions. You must also define metrics and KP I’s to verify that everything is being done correctly.


Now that you have a lot of information about your client thanks to the Inbound Marketing, you can continue to nurture him with personalized information, using quality content, making him have a great experience and be a satisfied customer.


Does your company have the Inbound Marketing methodology implemented? We advise you. Contact us!

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