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How We Work With You?

Each project is unique, therefore before starting a partner relationship we must analyze the situation of the company if the Inbound Marketing strategy is appropriate to implement and develop it.

This analysis is based on answering some questions that are key to determine the size of your market, the price of your product or services and growth possibilities (ROI).

Through this pre-analysis we can identify how the Inbound Marketing strategy will help grow your company and then design a complete marketing plan that is aligned with your company’s business objectives.


The business relationship begins together with an Inbound Marketing specialist and consultant, who will have your project and who will have fluent communication regarding all the processes of your project.

The consultant will develop the Inbound Marketing Plan for your company, according to its need. The entire plan will be created based on the type of plan chosen by the client (start plan, growth, and business). 


The marketing plan will be implemented and developed through HubSpot’s CRM, marketing automation.The commercial relationship will be based on a contract and its development time will depend on the results that are obtained and as far as the client decides.

Agile Methodology

We are experiencing many changes in the business area worldwide and at 327 Digital Marketing Consulting we adapt to these changes that come thanks to technology. For these reasons, we use methods that help us be more effective and better manage our resources on a professional level.

We are marketing professionals and we know how fast the market can change, so we must be prepared and flexible regarding a changing market.One of the main objectives of working with an agile methodology is to have the ability to manage several campaigns at the same time in an automated way and in this way have different ideas continuously.It also facilitates change and enables opportunities to be more effectively.

The bases of the agile methodology are the following:
  1.  Design of the value proposition and public discovery.
  2. Strategic planning
  3. Execution of projects using agile methodolgy
  4. Marketing Automation
  5. Meausure through tests A/B tests
  6. Integration with the sales team
  7. Iterations and process optimization

All this process named above, is looking to value people, and their social relationships. It places the client at the center of the entire process and responds quickly and flexibly to any unforeseen event that arises while working on it, not sticking to a pre-established plan, which would make it rigid.

All this, based on a methodology of fast and continuous deliveries, accompanied by a temporary, exhaustive and rigorous planning.The success of many companies is based on being flexible, and this means that they can react quickly in changing markets.

Let's talk about you

Free consultation request.

We would like to hear more about your project and offer you great benefits that inbound marketing can give you so that your company has an important growth and these benefits help you to know more about your clients and generate sales. If you find it interesting, get in touch and we’ll schedule a time to talk. The best part? It is free and without any obligation on your part.

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