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To let us know, we must attract Internet users and potential customers to our product or service offer. To achieve this, among other actions, it is necessary to create useful and relevant content, in order to connect with them and attract them to what we offer so that you can reach them in a non-invasive way and providing value. This is achieved thanks to Content Marketing. Next, we will tell you what Content Marketing is, how to define your audience and what are the best platforms to make your content viral!

 What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a marketing technique that is based on creating and distributing the content of value to attract, convert and retain the target audience of your brand.

These contents are turned into blogs, ebooks, video tutorials or infographics, among other formats, according to the type of ideal client we want to contact.

Through Content Marketing we can act during the whole process that a person goes through from the moment they realize their need, until they decide to acquire a product or service that satisfies them and we can also help them to learn, to clarify their doubts, provide comparative data regarding the solution of their need or offer the solution to their problem, among other issues.

How to Determine a Target Audience

Finding the correct definition of your target audience is mandatory for any type of business. With so many people surfing the internet every day it might sound impossible to decide which is the best niche in the market.

Even so, if you do not do it you will probably be wasting valuable resources for lack of attention and focus. Therefore, we will now see what needs to be done to be able to define your target audience correctly and increase your business as a result.


Understand Your Product or Service First

First of all, you need to take into account what do you offer online. What is your product or service? What makes it better from the competition? What are its unique characteristics? You should also think about how your client can buy it. Should your consumer be in a specific geographic area? You need these answers so you can better understand who your target audience is from your point of view.


Find out who needs what you offer

No matter how much you want to sell a trending product, it will not happen if it has a very high cost. The same goes for services that require the customer to go to your stores or offices in person. There are some ways to find out more about your target audience, but the most used are Benchmarking and market research. Benchmarking is about checking what the competition is doing. Market research can be done through questionnaires or surveys, for example: If you have Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics connected to your website, you can see many tips of this direct market data in your hands.


Describe your Target Audience and its Motivations

You need to be able to describe not only the basic issues of your target audience but also their motivations. To achieve this you need to ask yourself and ask them about what makes them buy your product or service, and the problems they want to solve. It is important to take into account the average age, their area of residence, interests, profession, marital status and more. But take into account that this type of information can change at any time and does not necessarily mean that they will stop buying from you. Because what counts is their motivation.


Remember that you have more than one type of audience

Now you may be needing to focus on more than 1 target audience at a time. And that this second or third target audience can have a greater or lesser impact on your sales depending on the nature of your business. It is also important to talk about influencers, these people who have a great impact on the decision making of your consumers. These influencers have power over their impressions in favor or against your product or service. That’s why it’s important not to forget them.



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Platforms to Make your Content Viral

The best thing to get up to date with this marketing technique is to look for influencers in each of the social networks that help you visualize your content, it is proven that if our publications share the scope will increase.



Instagram is one of the most visual networks on the web, and it gives you a great advantage to your products, ads, and promotions as well as to your users since it makes them more accessible to your brand and what you offer.

The tricks or tips are very famous on Instagram because you can have the support of the images or stories to show how to make them. These may be related to your products, for example, what is the correct way to use them.



Facebook is known for having the functionality of sharing content with our friends so that fun content is something we can not ignore. In addition, brands that share this type of content get more interaction with users, have greater reactions and comments for being easy and quick distribution. On the other hand, since videos are fashionable, you can also make short stories that maybe can be curious for followers.



Everyone loves images with motivational messages, but more to twitterers. That’s why you should include them in your strategies with contents in this social network.

For example, you can make sentences for Mondays, which is a difficult day for many or to animate an afternoon, you can make sentences that have to do with the dreams and goals of your followers and customers, with how important it is Work hard for your achievements.



Infographics are a visual element to help explain a tedious topic or one that would be better understood using graphic elements. The themes you choose to share these images have to be closely related to what you do or what you sell.

Another thing that is trending in this platform is to give tips and motivational content as most of its users are looking for new jobs, you can create something to motivate them as well with the objective to share your profile.

So, Content Marketing is about generating the necessary trust in users to become customers. This work must be constant and sustained over time to see its results.



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