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We want to stop to analyze SEO trends 2019, that is, those practices that will be better valued by Google search. We are going to talk about content and SEO a little more technical, but we are going to explain it in such a way that everyone can understand it so if you want to grow, stay with us and keep reading. As a self-employed person, whatever your business may be, it is necessary to make yourself known to a wider audience than the one that passes through your store on a daily basis. If you have an online shop, you will want that when a user makes a query on Google related to your activity, you appear giving a solution in the first place, right? Our goal is that you learn how to improve your positioning applying marketing strategy with the trends will have a greater importance for Google.

SEO Trends: Beat your Competition at the Stroke of Positioning

We admit that it is a trend that began to set in 2018, but that in 2018 and by 2019 it will end up exploding. According to a report, Google data analysis, says that 20% of searches are already through voice commands. This is a clear example of SEO importance factor that adapts to the new browsing habits of users. The rise of voice aids device and search through the microphone of our Smartphone has resulted in a very marked style of consultation. Queries of the style “How to do …”, “Where is …”, “What is / who is …” are quick to do and Google has managed to find a way to also be quick to answer. This is related to Google’s ability to interpret since it is able to recognize the context of a sentence and no longer directly keywords research.

What can we do to adapt to this SEO trend?

One idea to adapt to this new trend is to optimize the website content around queries. This we mentioned a few paragraphs before, and is that users use more queries type “who …”, “how …” etc. If our content is focused on responding to this type of consultation, we will have gained a lot.



Searches from the Mobile

Since Google brought to light their intention to favor the positioning of those websites that were responsive and facilitated a good user experience, many best sellers have been put to work. And we are talking about that 85% of users in different countries, use a Smartphone to connect to the Internet. You must have your website monitoring and updated because users perform their searches with their mobile devices when they are away from home and your purpose is to let them know you and maybe you could be losing potential customers. And in this case, Google also plays its reputation as a search engine finder, so it does not like to give search results that do not meet the information needs of users.  




The ideal Content for your Web

This statement is based on the premise that content with up to 1,500 words is working very well in search results. A study conducted by people from Search Engine Watch is that the longer content increases the average time of user’s stay on the web but this content should inform and clarify doubts to the reader. In addition, being a longer online content and, in general, deeper on a topic, you will receive more links from third parties, since it will be considered, with greater probability, an article to take into account. Once again, always keep in mind that the topics to choose should be those for which users are showing interest. Performing articles in depth is something that Google greatly favored in one of its algorithm updates.

RankBrain: Google’s Brain to Determine what is Relevant

When we talk about RankBrain we are talking about a part of Google’s algorithm that is based on Machine Learning technology, whose function is to determine which content or search results are more relevant than others for a specific query. Thus, through learning and the actions and interactions of users in search results, you can know what is best answering the queries that are formulated. We are talking about one of the most important changes in SEO during the past year and we tell you what could depend on being more or less relevant to RankBrain: Dwell Time. This term refers to the time a user spends on your web page. It is one of the most important indicators for Google when it comes to determining if your content is interesting or relevant. Click – Through Rate. CTR refers to the frequency with which user’s access your web page from a Google search result. That is, if you have a CTR of 18%, then there will be 82% clicks that will go to competition pages or other search results. If you want to have a better CTR, you should optimize the title and meta description of your page to encourage users to enter your website. It also influences your position within the search engines. These changes almost daily, so you must be prepared so that you do not miss any SEO trend and you can apply it to your business without problems.  

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