The Social Networks Most Used By Companies


In an effort to have a digital presence, many companies launch profiles in different social networks thinking that, in this way, they will be better known. Next, we will tell you which the virtual platforms are most chosen by the business for their investment.

Social networks have an open system that allows interaction with unknown people from different parts of the world and is created from what these Internet users contribute to the network. In terms of companies, many SMEs resort to creating a strategic plan on different social media in order to generate more sales. In this case, the social media most used for digital marketing in order to reach consumers are Facebook, Instagram, among others, which we will analyze one by one and their usability in the business’ world.


Facebook has more than 2,000 million active users worldwide, which positions it in the virtual platform most used by consumers who follow their favorite brand to see their latest trends. This social media is useful for businesses that have customers in the offline and want to have a digital communication too. The goal of this social network is to get the participation of the internet users that already know you to build loyalty and get them to be active on your page to reach new clients. This is what is called Recommendation Marketing through digital content. The mission of any brand on Facebook is for people to “like”, leave comments and share their publications to be virality. The key is to analyze what your fans like, with what content they are mobilized and use them frequently.  


It is the number 1 video platform internationally with 1,000 million active users per month and many SMEs use it to advertise their products and enter the market. The audiovisual format and the images are a good way to approach the target audience, attract them and generate an emotional bond with them, always with a strategic plan. That’s why many companies do investment to have their own channel in this social media.


Instagram is another perfect network for businesses that have clients and offline activity. The companies’ objective here must be to build and promote the emotional bond with the public through the images. It is one of the platforms that most people use to follow their favorite brands and leave comments. This high rate of participation and interaction is, perhaps, one of its main characteristics. In addition, it is the only social network with a 100% reach. Which means that everything you post is seen by your followers.


This platform is like a mini blog with a more professional profile where companies also have great opportunities to interact with internet users and create debates. Twitter is fast and immediate and the topics that turn into trends have a lot of repercussions. The option to reach a large number of people still has a name: Twitter with 500 million users worldwide.


Linkedin allows the company profiles’ creation, so all SMEs and brands should be present in this social network to enhance the personal brands of their employees, have presence and visibility in their field, give know their products or services, find contacts to make collaborations or business, receive recommendations from their customers, etc. To achieve these objectives it is necessary to be very active on Linkedin in a constant way.  


Pinterest has many possibilities for companies in all sectors, especially highlighting the brands of fashion, beauty, lifestyle or business with online sales, but do not use only this platform to offer a catalog of your products or services, apply a strategic plan and share creative and interesting content that inspires, helps, contribute value for which it is worth following you. In what social network should my company invest according to my brand and market? We agree that our company should have a presence in social networks, so it is a good idea to do investment (not spend) in digital marketing through them, then, where do we start? The first step is to define in which social networks it makes sense that our brand be present. In some, such as Facebook, beyond your business’ area, it is almost essential to have a presence. More than anything because of the great scope it has. Others, like Instagram, may generate better results for a younger audience, for example. In short, the idea is to go and be where our target audience is offering digital content, and that is what we must discover. How? Defining the ideal person for our business, and identifying which social networks spend more time, to invest there. Sometimes the only way to determine this is by staying abreast of new trends and being an active participant as a user of each channel. You must interact with Internet users and expand your strategies and to assert your investment, you must be consistent.   Don’t forget to share this post!


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