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In a competitive world with increasingly dynamic, informed and demanding customers and users, we must have tools that help us understand the preferences of our audience. Discover all the advantages of Web Analytics to optimize your investments and your ROI

What is Web Analytics?



Web analytics is the procedure of registration, analysis and interpretation of data that allow us to study and understand the behavior of users on the network to improve the performance of your website and our presence in social networks. One of its great advantages is that it helps us measure everything that is done on the Internet, since everything in the digital world is measurable. One of the tools that can be used for free, although there are others, is Google Analytics. This tool is the most used for the analysis of traffic on websites.  

How Web Analytics Works?

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Web analytics  help us identify the aspects that work best and how we can improve others on our website. To do this, we must start from our quantitative and qualitative objectives, which are in our online marketing plan and which must be associated with the correlated web analytics indicators. In this way, we will be working with the business indicators (KPIs) that guide us to make better decisions for our website.

Part of the list that we can mention of the basic steps of analysis of this tool, are:

The origin of the visits that arrive at the website: Social networks, search engines, other Web sites, direct visits, among others.

The quantity and quality of those visits: How many users came to the website, how many repeated visits, how long they stayed, how many pages did they consult etc.

Origin and language of visits: Country of origin, browser language.

The generated conversion: How many sales were closed, users registered in our newsletter, appointments made, budgets requested.

Aspects related to usability: Rebound rate (people who after leaving the website leave without interacting in any way) links that recorded a greater number of clicks.

The strategic and tactical objectives must be well defined for the website. This will allow the evolution of figures of these measures continuously and facilitates business opportunities, as well as correcting or refining the web to achieve the objectives.

Web analytics has become an online business element, since it measures important factors such as the Return on Investment of different promotion strategies, the best-selling products, the most popular content, user satisfaction, usability and efficiency of the design of a website.

The Return on Investment is one of the most important points for each company, because it depends on whether the management we are doing on our website is giving us positive results. Web analytics help monitor our ROI through indicators, conversion funnels, traffic segmentation, reports and alerts, since they are data that we obtain in real time on our dashboard.

Web analytics is a complete tool that every company must implement and use to obtain data that will serve to better relate to their target audience. Also to measure your investment, not only on your website, but also on all social networks.   Don’t forget to share this post!

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