What are Corporate Blogs?


We live in a digital era where we must adapt to new technologies, which have revolutionized the media and corporate blogs are a clear example. We invite you to keep reading to find out what you need to keep in mind in order for your company to be successful in this blog’s age.


Corporate blogs are one of the most common tools used to improve internal communications and culture in a company and, externally, for brand marketing. In recent years, it has been observed a blog’s proliferation as a means of communication contained within what is defined as digital marketing understood as a techno-social phenomenon that provides information to advantage the interaction between companies and users through the Internet.

The simplicity and plasticity in the blog’s creation are just some reasons why its use is spreading. The opportunities that open corporate blogs are especially interesting in small businesses because they allow them to compete on equal terms with large corporations. However, the importance of blogs lies not so much in the list of the most read but in the intertwining of conversations and comments that emerge between them according to its marketing content.

Blogs represent an opportunity for organizations to interact and dialogue with their different audiences. Next, we will explore the possibilities and corporate blogs’ scope.

What is a Corporate Blog?



corporate blog is a binnacle created by a company for internal or external communication, and its use can lead to information and post to connect suppliers with customers and consumers so that communication between the organization and the client is opened.

Through this dialogue created in a virtual way as an information channel, on one hand, the client can send their complaints and suggestions to the companies, and on the other, the company can let the client know an idea, a new product or service, and with them, explore the interest of their customers.

To avoid creating confusion, there are two types of corporative blogs: external blogs are a marketing tool, both for sale and to maintain a close relationship with the customer. On the other hand, internal blogs aim to impact the corporate culture through collaboration and dissemination of knowledge by the expert.

Advantages of a Corporate Blog


The great advantage of blogs over other communication tools is that they establish a more direct contact with the client, away from the formalities and the rigidity of other information channels.

Maintaining an active blog helps improve the brand image and its visibility, reasons why the implementation of good marketing content management will help reach more users and with them a better SEO positioning.

Next, we mention some other good benefits of managing a corporate blog:

Help with branding

Building brand identity will be easier thanks to the marketing content shared in the company’s blog, since it emphasizes the business philosophy, in addition to getting the reader to quickly associate the company’s name with a set of positive characteristics.

Through this binnacle, the public not only learns the latest news through its web publication but also reaffirms the company’s authority in its field, thanks to the experience and knowledge demonstrated through its stories.


Help users during the purchase process

Although a blog is not a platform to sell products, it is definitely a very powerful organic promotion tool. The content shared on this social network informs, resolves doubts and also helps the consumer during his journey, from the merchandise’s selection, until the closing of

the sale and even afterward: many blogs accompany the reader during the whole useful life of the product providing tips for use, repair, and advice.


It is important for SEO

As we mentioned before, the traffic generated by a business blog is essential for the company to appear in the best rankings of the search engines. To achieve this in a natural way, each element must be optimized: titles, internal links, good use of keywords and a perfect use of images, among other elements such as having a good corporate strategy. It is important to remember that the quality of the content must be the main character to fulfill this objective.


Provide adequate information to your users

The corporate blog is characterized by telling stories of different kinds. These texts enriched with multimedia resources works to create an emotional connection with the customers, but at the same time, help to promote discreetly and organically the catalog of the company. Thus, the user will create the habit of reading each post as if it were his own diary. In the process, it will enrich his cultural heritage and even interact with other users, thus building a business community of great value.

Although the corporate blogs’ goal is defined by each company in particular, we can say in a general way that they search at all moment to establish relationships with their customers and spread the corporate culture and corporative strategy of all its employees.

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