What is SEO Off-Page?

When discussing organic search engine optimization (SEO), two main areas are always distinguished: SEO OnPage and SEO OffPage. The differentiation of both parties tends to be summed up in a rather concise way: SEO OnPage focuses on everything that can be done directly on the website, while SEO OffPage leaves everything that can be done “out there”.

In the case of SEO OffPage, the first and practically the only thing that is thought of is the Link Building, the construction of a network of inbound links that cover our positions in the search results.

But this simplification hides two fundamental aspects in SEO OffPage: that not all links are equal and that there is much more in it besides just getting links.

In this article, we will deepen the concept of SEO OffPage, its relationship with SEO OnPage (surprise, they are not independent!) And the main action of the SEO OffPage.

What is SEO OffPage?

As we advanced in the introduction, equating SEO OffPage with Link Building, as is usually done, is a simplification with which we are using SEO OffPage to what is only one of its parts.

Although the Link Building is an important element of SEO OffPage, and for a long time it was enough to meet our objectives, forgetting the rest of the actions we can carry out, can limit the scope of our strategies and prevent us from achieving the objectives we have set ourselves.

We have to adapt the definition of SEO OffPage to the new times, in which search algorithms already have the ability, although still limited, to analyze and understand the meaning of the content of the pages and deduce relationships beyond the explicitly placed links.

In other words, doing SEO OffPage would no longer be simply to build links, but to do it in a consistent context with the image or purpose that we want to associate with our website or our brand.

Thus, in a more complete definition, SEO OffPage encompasses any digital marketing action that we carry out externally to a website in a way that improves its organic positioning for its relevant keywords.

In this definition, it is already clear that the Link Building is emerging as one of those digital marketing actions that we can perform. A very important one, yes, but not the only one and that, in very competitive sectors, might not be enough.

Main Actions of SEO OffPage

Since SEO OffPage is more than Link Building, let’s see its main actions below:

1.- Have a structure of incoming links from relevant websites, mainly related to our sector but not necessarily, which in turn grant us authority and popularity, by transmitting part of the Link Juice of the sites of origin, in addition to becoming an important source of qualified visits.

2.- Get greater visibility and notoriety within our sector, regardless of whether it can provide more links to our structure. That is, we are known and recognized in prestigious websites related to our activity or the profile of our target audience.

3.- Have greater representation and dissemination in Social Networks that provide added value to our activity; that is, not to limit ourselves to having a symbolic presence in the RRSS, but a dynamic presence in those that make sense for our activity and that frequent our audience.

4.- Develop a trusted brand within our sector, which will send us qualified visits, either through external links or any other means (such as organic searches, social profiles, sponsored ads or directly by the brand) that users can use.  

Differences Between SEO Off and SEO On Page






It is very important that you know what the differences are between SEO On Page and SEO Off Page so that you can improve the positioning of your company in search engines.

  • SEO On Page focuses on the actions carried out on the company’s website and SEO Off Page focuses on the actions carried out outside the company’s website.


  • With SEO On-Page we take care that the engines can quickly recognize what we talk about in our content. With SEO Off Page we take care that search engines know that our content is spread over the Internet, that people are talking about our content and, above all, that it is generating interest.


  • In the SEO Off-page, we talk mainly about the creation of links, backlinks and social media. When we talk about SEO On Page, we refer to the Domain, Hosting, the URL of pages and articles, the formats such as bold and italic, the titles, the content, the use of h1, h2, h3, the structure and Page architecture, internal links, external links, image optimization and content type.



We have at our disposal a huge variety of strategies to improve the SEO OffPage of a website, but that should not be applied blindly, but with a prior analysis of our objective and our competence to determine which combination of strategies and techniques can bring us greater benefits, which is none other than to raise positions in the search results and increase the percentage of qualified visits.  

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